Atsanik is currently on a travel hiatus and as a result we are not offering sales or other services. In the interim, please feel free to use our “How To Guides” linked above.  These contain tips on how to set up most Android devices in an effort to improve privacy and security.


You are in control of your data.

Your phone, your apps, and your choice of a privacy respecting Android operating system. All on your terms. Atsanik offers the best Android privacy phones that protect your confidentiality, improve security and help promote a healthy digital lifestyle.

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Every day Big Tech firms are creating new ways to track users, collect data and and monetize personal life experiences. You’re aware of these violations but probably feel helpless about what to do about it. The staff at Atsanik will help you along each step in the journey to bring control and freedom back to your smart phone experience.

Smart Phones with privacy, security, customization and user control built in.

Personal one on one help to find the best solution for your usage needs.

Easy to follow Guides to set up your phone to maximize privacy and security.

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Atsanik provides phones who’s main purpose is to protect your privacy, improve your security and remove the addictive and manipulative properties of these devices.  We offer the best privacy, security and DeGoogled experience on Android phones.  Completely free from Big Tech spying and all those useless carrier bloat apps.

If you are taking your first steps into a privacy-orientated phone, and wish to retain as much functionality as possible, then our recommendation is to customize your phone with CalyxOS and microG enabled. If you are looking for a higher level of privacy and security, then our recommendation is to use a phone with GrapheneOS.