How to Determine if You Can Unlock the Bootloader on your Phone

Below are a series of screenshots and instructions you can use to determine if you can unlock the bootloader on your Pixel phone.  This capability is required in order to install CalyxOS or GrapheneOS on a phone.  Upon completion of installing CalyxOS or GrapheneOS, the bootloader can be re-locked to maintain the high level of security on the device.


On your phone go to the App Drawer –> Settings –> About Phone (which is at or near the bottom of the Settings menu) as illustrated below.


In the About Phone category press Build Number 7 times. Build number is illustrated in below.  Note, confidential information is redacted in the screenshot.  A pop up window will eventually appear telling informing you the “You are a Developer“. 


Once you have been informed you are a Developer, page back to Settings and select System as illustrated below.


In System, select Developer Options as illustrated below.  You created this menu item in step 2 above.


Once you are in Developer Options, page down slightly and you should see a toggle for OEM Unlocking as illustrated below.

If your phone is capable of having the bootloader unlocked, one of two things will occur:

  1. You should be able to toggle OEM unlocking on and off,  or;
  2. The toggle should be grayed out with the statement the bootloader is already unlocked underneath the OEM unlocking text

If you can toggle OEM unlocking, then keep it in the bootloader is already unlocked setting and reboot your phone.


When the phone reboots, an initial black warning screen will come up as illustrated below.  This means your bootloader is unlocked and you can install a custom operating system, like CalyxOS or GrapheneOS, on your phone.

If you can’t toggle OEM unlocking on or off, or if the toggle can’t be placed into the bootloader is already unlocked setting (from step Five above), or you don’t see the black warning screen illustrated below then unfortunately you can’t unlock your bootloader and the phone cannot have a custom operating like GrapheneOS or CalyxOS installed.


You if you unlocked the bootloader from the previous steps, you can relock it and turn off Developer Options  following the instructions below.

  1. Follow Step 3 and Step 4 to get into Developer Options.
  2. Toggle off OEM Unlocking so that it shows “Allow the Bootloader to be Unlocked”.
  3. Reboot the phone
  4. Follow Step 3 and Step 4 to get into Developer Options.
  5. Turn off Developer Options (illustrated below) and exit to the Settings menu. 

The bootloader is now locked and you are no longer a Developer.

You can always turn on Developer Options and unlock the bootloader again in the future.

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