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Before you switch to an Android privacy phone, the first question to ask is Are these Phones for You?  We want to be sure that our devices meet your expectations and needs. Please consider the following statements.

Image showing a person deciding to make the switch to an Android privacy phone

An Easy Four Step Process

When you decide to switch to an Android privacy phone, the staff at Atsanik are here to help you through each stage – from purchase to setup support.  When you purchase a phone from us, we provide an easy to follow checklist to set up your phone with privacy and security in mind.  You can also get hold of us for one on one for assistance.  It’s easier than you think!  

1. First Ask a Few Questions!

  • Which of my data is private and what do I want to share?
  • What do I need access to across all devices 24/7?
  • Where should my data and backups live – in the cloud or stored locally on the device?
  • Which apps and services are critical?

2. Switch Devices

Check if your network carrier of choice (Verizon, T-Mobile, Bell, Telus etc.) will work by following our How to Switch From Your Carrier and Current Phone.  Then, purchase a phone with CalyxOS or GrapheneOS from the Atsanik Shop.

3.  Select Apps

Use our recommended list of privacy focused app replacements and follow our guides to set up F-Droid and Aurora Store on your phone so you can download Google Play Store apps privately.

4.  Change Settings and App Permissions

Use our CalyxOS guide or GrapheneOS guide to tweak settings in each operating system, and restrict permissions and network access for each app. You have full control of each app’s permissions and access to the network – no access means no tracking and sharing and much better privacy.  It’s never been easier to switch to an Android privacy phone.

Questions? Remember We're Here To Help!

Image showing a woman listening to music on her phone
Image showing a journalist with a camera
Image showing a business woman

I’m a Personal User and want my experience to be as close to my old phone as possible, but with much more control over the apps I install and data I share.

I’m a Personal User, Journalist or a Political  Activist and want the highest level of privacy and security on my device. 

I’m a Business User that runs my small business off my device.  I need to have a high level of function and choice of apps  but don’t want to give up all my privacy in the process.

Important To Me:

  • Taking good quality photos
  • Sharing messages, files and photos with family and friends
  • Using some apps, like Uber, Google Maps, Banking and Instagram like I did on my old phone
  • Minimize my exposure to Big Tech data collection and have an increased level of privacy


Important To Me:

  • No Big Tech or Cell Provider tracking
  • Close to hack proof as possible
  • Timely updates and security patches
  • Encrypted messages and email
  • Mobile reporting including collecting images, audio, taking notes and determining locations
  • Navigation, listening to music and podcasts

Important To Me:

  • Syncing calendar, contacts, messages, and notes to the cloud
  • Apps like Uber, Google Maps, Banking and Payments
  • Timely updates and security patches
  • Minimize my exposure addictive and apps and to Big Tech data collection
  • An increased level of privacy on my device
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