How to Install Google Camera

Both GrapheneOS and CalyxOS have a built-in camera app that takes quality photos, but some users prefer the additional features the Google Camera app provides.  These include settings for night photography and improvements in post processing such as color correction and noise reduction.  Since GrapheneOS and CalyxOS have removed the official Google Camera app, we’ll have to install it by other means.

The Official Google Camera app is defined as the installation apk file saved directly from a Pixel device which has the stock Android operating system.  This apk file can be transferred to other Pixel devices and used there. 

Independent developers also modify Google Camera and these modified versions are called Google Camera Ports.  Changes typically allow the app to work on non-Pixel phones or add functions like astro (star) photography.  These developers, and their apps, are respected, safe and well reviewed as long as you download them from their official website.

Check out our tutorial on how to install Google Camera on GrapheneOS or CalyxOS below.

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